Prologue- Nowhere to go but down


I heard the thunder
So I braced for the rain
I tried to get out from under
But all was in vain

There’s no way to stop it from pouring
Buckets down from the sky
When you’re stuck in a cloud
And there’s nowhere to go but down

Ron Sexsmith’s words ring in my ears, and this particular song seems like a great soundtrack in my current predicament. he gloomy rain clouds began to gather above my head as I walk towards my new apartment with the keys in my hand. How fitting, I think to myself. I’m very good at being positive, it’s the last thing I need right now. Besides, what can you do when your parents have been happily married for 22 years, and then your Dad has an affair with your Mum’s best friend. Oh, and to top it all of, Mum’s best friend is now pregnant with his baby, and Mum is left to care for my four other siblings; one of them being a baby girl of four months.

My dog, Bobby, lets out a bark as we enter the reception area. I kneel down and stroke his head.

“It’s okay boy, this is our new home!” I say softly, as he walks beside me, as if protecting me. I wait impatiently as the lift comes to the ground floor. As we enter the lift, my mind wanders. What is there to feel happy about right now? My twin sister Amy is trapped in an abusive relationship, and I can do nothing about it. Mum won’t talk to her. I’m sure Amy is back on the drink, and word got round that she’d dabbled in drugs too. All I know is that it’s a downward spiral from here, and there’s nothing I can do.


Character Introduction

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Meet the main character, Ally Fletcher. The story will mainly be told from her point of view. This isn’t a legacy as such, but I may decide to change this in the future. Anyway, here’s some background information. Enjoy!

Ally Fletcher lives in the city of Sunshine Cove with her dog, Bobby. She recently moved to a small apartment downtown. She lived with her divorced mother and four sibings. She is hoping to study Science at University. She is 21 years old.


Hi guys!

I am currently working on my first story, and the details of it should be up in the next couple of days. This is my first story , I really hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think when it comes out.